Gaussian integer factorization calculator

The Gaussian integers are complex numbers of the form a + bi, where both a and b are integer numbers.

This applet is able to factor a Gaussian integer as a product of Gaussian primes. This decomposition is unique, if we do not consider the order of the factors.

You can enter numbers of up to 500 digits, but notice that the norm a2 + b2 should be factored (some large numbers cannot be factored in a reasonable amount of time).

In order to enter the imaginary part of a Gaussian integer you can use the symbol i, as in the next example: 3+4i.

You can also enter expressions that use the following operators, functions and parentheses:

The final value must have 500 or less digits, intermediate results must have 2000 or less digits and in the case of divisions, the dividend must be multiple of the divisor.

Source code

You can download the source of the current program and the old sum polynomial factorization applet from GitHub. Notice that the source code is in C language and you need the Emscripten environment in order to generate Javascript.

Written by Dario Alpern. Last updated 24 July 2016.

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