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Note: These programs are on the public domain. They contain both the source code and the executable (with no virus, of course!!). If you have any comment, please fill the form.

  1. Skiing: This was the first program I wrote in 8088 assembly language.

  2. Break the ballons: This is the first program that I wrote in C language. Use the left and right SHIFT keys in order to move the base. All messages are written in Spanish.

  3. Distance between cities: This is the first program that I have written in Java.

    It has a database of 105 cities, with their geographic locations. You can get the distance between any two cities of the database.

    The program contains two tests. In the first the user must input the distance between two random cities given by the computer (there are ten questions). In the second test there are a departure city, a destination city, and four more. The user should minimize the distance traveled by passing through the six cities.

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