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This program lets you practice geography by featuring two tests related to distance between cities.

The first test shows 10 questions where you will have to answer the distance between two cities in kilometers. The score for every answer depends on the ratio between the distance you specified and the true one.

In the 10 questions of the second test, the program shows six cities. Starting from the first city you have to arrive to the last one through the other four cities. You will have to reorder these intermediate cities so the total distance is minimized. Then, the program shows all 24 possibilities in which cities can be ordered, ordered according to distance traveled. The score is higher if the specified order is near the top of the table generated by the program.

In both tests there are two levels of difficulty. At the easy level, the program shows the countries that correspond to the cities, while at the difficult level the countries are not shown.

You can download the source of the current program and the old distance between cities applet from GitHub.

Written by Dario Alpern. Updated on 19 January 2018.

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The current score is:

question: What is the distance between the following cities?

The selected cities are:


You think that the distance is but the exact value is .

The distance between both places are .

I can also tell you that:

  • To go from to :
  • To go from to :

where: 0° = North; 90° = East; 180° = South; 270° = West.

Sun visible in :

  • June 21st:
  • December 21st:

Sun visible in :

  • June 21st:
  • December 21st:

This time you score (), so your score is .


Your current score is:

question: How do you travel from to if you must pass through the following four cities so the total distance is minimum??

You have chosen the option so you deserve

Your current score is:

The list of cities in this program is:

Acapulco,Mexico:1652;-9953 Alexandria,Egypt:3112;2957 Amman,Jordan:3157;3557 Amsterdam,Netherlands:5223;454 Anchorage,USA:6113;-14954 Ankara,Turkey:3956;3252 Asuncion,Paraguay:-2518;-5737 Athens,Greece:3759;2344 Auckland,New Zealand:-3652;17444 Baghdad,Iraq:3318;4424 Bangkok,Thailand:1345;10031 Barcelona,Spain:4123;211 Beijing,China:3955;11623 Beirut,Lebanon:3352;3532 Berlin,Germany:5232;1326 Bogota,Colombia:437;-7405 Brasilia,Brazil:-1547;-4754 Brussels,Belgium:5051;421 Bucharest,Romania:4427;2606 Buenos Aires,Argentina:-3437;-5823 Cairo,Egypt:3004;3114 Canberra,Australia:-3519;14904 Cape Town,South Africa:-3354;1825 Caracas,Venezuela:1030;-6654 Chicago,USA:4152;-8737 Copenhaguen,Denmark:5540;1234 Cordoba,Argentina:-3124;-6411 Dakar,Senegal:1442;-1727 Damascus,Syria:3332;3620 Dublin,Ireland:5321;-616 Guadalajara,Mexico:2042;-10319 Guatemala,Guatemala:1437;-9031 Havana,Cuba:2306;-8222 Helsinki,Finland:6010;2456 Hong Kong,China:2216;11412 Honolulu,USA:2119;-15750 Istanbul,Turkey:4100;2858 Jerusalem,Israel:3148;3512 Karachi,Pakistan:2451;6701 Kathmandu,Nepal:2743;8519 Khartoum,Sudan:1538;3232 Kiev,Ukraine:5025;3034 Kolkata,India:2230;8818 La Paz,Bolivia:-1629;-6808 Lagos,Nigeria:627;326 Lima,Peru:-1205;-7703 Lisbon,Portugal:3844;-908 London,United Kingdom:5129;-8 Los Angeles,USA:3403;-11814 Luxembourg,Luxembourg:4937;608 Madrid,Spain:4025;-341 Managua,Nicaragua:1208;-8616 Mar del Plata,Argentina:-3800;-5733 Mecca,Saudi Arabia:2126;3949 Mendoza,Argentina:-3254;-6850 Mexico,Mexico:1922;-9911 Miami,USA:2546;-8012 Milan,Italy:4529;911 Monrovia,Liberia:618;-1047 Monte Carlo,Monaco:4344;726 Montevideo,Uruguay:-3454;-5609 Montreal,Canada:4530;-7336 Moscow,Russia:5545;3738 Mumbai,India:1856;7249 New York,USA:4043;-7401 Nicosia,Cyprus:3510;3322 North Pole,No country:9000;0 Nuuk,Greenland:6411;-5144 Oslo,Norway:5955;1046 Ottawa,Canada:4525;-7543 Panama,Panama:901;-7930 Paris,France:4852;221 Prague,Czech Republic:5005;1425 Puebla,Mexico:1903;-9812 Quito,Ecuador:-13;-7831 Reykjavik,Iceland:6408;-2154 Rio de Janeiro,Brazil:-2253;-4314 Rome,Italy:4154;1230 Rosario,Argentina:-3258;-6039 Saint Petersburg,Russia:5956;3019 Sao Paulo,Brazil:-2331;-4638 San Francisco,USA:3746;-12225 San Jose,Costa Rica:956;-8405 San Salvador,El Salvador:1342;-8912 Santiago,Chile:-3327;-7039 Seoul,South Korea:3732;12659 Shanghai,China:3114;12129 Sofia,Bulgaria:4241;2320 South Pole,No country:-9000;0 Stockholm,Sweden:5919;1804 Sydney,Australia:-3353;15112 Taipei,Taiwan:2503;12131 Tegucigalpa,Honduras:1406;-8712 Tokyo,Japan:3542;13946 Toronto,Canada:4339;-7922 Tripoli,Libya:3253;1317 Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia:4755;10656 Ushuaia,Argentina:-5448;-6818 Vancouver,Canada:4915;-12307 Vienna,Austria:4812;1623 Vladivostok,Russia:4308;13154 Warsaw,Poland:5214;2100 Washington,USA:3854;-7702 Yaoundé,Cameroon:352;1131 Zürich,Switzerland:4723;832"
unbelievable! excellent! very good OK not so bad, so-so, bah hhhmmmm... poor Yeeech!! Argggh!!
I should tell you something against my principles: Congratulations! Almost perfect. ALMOST. Next time you will perform worse. Apparently you know geography (or you are lucky). Continue playing, this game is for you. Obviously, you need to practice (several months, ha, ha). It seems that you hate geography. You will perform better playing a role player video game.