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Polygamma functions

This calculator can perform operations with complex numbers. If you do not know what is a complex number, you can use this calculator by always leaving the number zero in the rightmost input box.

In all reverse Polish calculators there are no parentheses and there is a button named Enter.

This program uses a stack of numbers. In this stack, the numbers are pushed when the user presses the button Enter and popped when the user presses a button related to an operation.

Example: compute 5 − 23 × log(7 − 3).

In this example the numbers will be written in the leftmost box, the real part. The rightmost box, the imaginary part, will always be zero.

You can see that the numbers enter the stack to be processed later.

Before using the trigonometric functions, you will need to select the argument type, knowing that the circle is 2π radians, 360 degrees or 400 gradians. You can select the option Hyperbolic if you want to compute the hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic cosine, etc.

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Written by Darío Alpern. last update: 18 August 2022.